What We Do

The first known Christian doctor, Luke accounted that Jesus Christ sent his disciple to preachthe kingdom of God, and to heal the sick (Luke 9: 2) hence we as Christian medical professional seek to live and speak for Jesus Christ.

We provide opportunity for in-depth prayer and the word to experience the hand of the Holy Spirit in our profession.

We use this forum as an opportunity out of our very busy schedule especially during summer and winter season to join force together through fellowshipping together, fasting and prayers to resist our common adversary, the devil and never to give him any iota of place in our own lives, marriage, home, families and in our profession by the power of God’s word through His holy Spirit even as the Lord use us to take care of others knowing that every Christian medical professional needs the help of THE GREAT PHYSICIAN, JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH.

We provide resources including educational training for missionary doctors in the less developed nations.

We serve as the hands of Jesus Christ extended to the needy people in the world.

We are a group of overcomers working together to encourage and inspire each other to fulfill our calling and serve Christ together in this generation.

We are committed to GRA Mission Squad missionaries that are serving the Lord in the nations of the world as they declare the everlasting gospel of the kingdom of God.

We serve many Children through GRA Mission Squad from impoverished families by giving them hope of a brighter future through sustainable education, food, clean water, clothing, building orphanages, and giving other gifts that touches the heart and increase the livelihood of communities.

We help disaster victims find hope and help through difficult times.

We are committed as a family of believers to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with lost men, women and children throughout the world and by all means.

We rejoice to see the mighty works of God as individual lives are transformed and whole villages experience the love of Christ.

We join our hearts to be the hands and feet of Jesus, for such a time as this. Together, we declare by the Holy Spirit, that we can reach this generation. “‘Not by might – nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts.” — Zechariah 4:6